elizabeth m. webb

HOME-LAND: This Land (was made for you and me) (2014)

HD video still, TRT 12min, HDB Reclamation Sand Stockpile

View full video here.


Home-Land Building Project: Monument for Marina Bay Financial Centre

HDB Land Reclamation sand from a government sand stockpile, cement, wood

42 x 65 x 17 cm




In collaboration with Elena Lavellés


Despite Singapore’s powerful presence in the global economy, its comparatively small land area limits opportunities for physical expansion. HOME-LAND is invested in the ways in which spatial constraints create new forms of architecture, urbanism, and their consumption by society, which in turn lead to new symbols of power. Land reclamation becomes Singapore’s emblem of progress and global exchange--or perhaps more accurately, a realization of neocolonialist impulse. This continuous renegotiation of borders, both physical and personal, are the roots (or routes) by which national identity is formed and performed.